Wednesday, November 30, 2011

But I just got used to 2011!!

So I've been knitting a ton lately, but not taking pictures. Maybe I'm too wrapped up in my life to blog anymore? If only I could decide.

I finished that huge spinning project I was working on!


Sort of. After the 18th bobbin of singles (and that's not an exaggeration like bajillionth), I weighed what was left and it was just a teeny bit more than 4 ounces. Since I have lots of stuff in my stash that was bought purely to blend with wool, I figured I'd save that four ounce batch. You'll see them later.

Anyway, then I plied those 18 bobbins of singles into a nice 4-ply. Something like 2349 yards or something. Just today, finally washed and thwacked (finished plying 10 days ago).


It actually looks a little better now that it's washed and all, but whatever.


I also had a job interview for a position I really wanted. They took my references and acted like it was gonna be me. They haven't called any of my references yet (one week today) and I haven't heard, so I guess it's a no-go. Should I be disappointed? I can't quite muster up disappointment. Maybe tomorrow!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY!!!

Ah yes, the opening of firearm season here in Michigan. I married a deer hunter (not like the one in the movie). He grew up hunting with his uncles, Dad and brothers and it really is a part of him. I know when he goes, he feels like he's connected to all those people and happy years at deer camp. And now, he's passing it along and taking my son and my third bonus son. Do I think it's barbaric to shoot and eat an animal? I guess kinda, but then again. I'm not all that sure that it's more barbaric than what we do to domestic animals that we eat. Am I gonna give you all the ecological arguments which actually have a lot of validity in our area of the country? Nope. BUT, would I kill an animal if it was really necessary to feed my family? Hell yea! Anywho, this was all a convoluted prologue to TRIGGER MITTENS CIMG2340 Now these are designed so you don't have to remove your mittens to shoot a deer, but you mostly still get the warmth of a mitten. (You know, like where your fingers can all huddle together and share body heat in a non-Broke Back Mountain style). They are made from handspun jacob lamb yarn and he says they're perfect. That's what counts.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Turns out Perception is NOT Reality (at least not for me)

Don't know why I don't post more often. I've been doing a ton of stuff. I'm working on spinning some Shetland right now. I took the photo below on 11/3. .


So far, I've spun 7 bobbins of singles. I showed John the bag and he was like "wow, you've spun a ton already!" meanwhile I was thinking, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this bag is growing right in front of my eyes!"

This actually explains a TON about our relationship and why it was a good idea for me to marry someone who is actually grounded in reality. Draw your own conclusions.

I also washed a ton of fleece and dyed a batch of CVM. It turned out PERFECT. It used to be this:
but OMG I am so tired of spinning and knitting with gray! That was just NOT going to work for me, so I got out the big galvanized tub I wash and dye fleece in, mixed up a big batch of blue/black/red dyed (mostly blue of course)
and ended up with this:
(those little white spots are just water droplets reflecting flash. It's exactly what I was going for and the roving is still nice and fluffy. Must finish the tan Shetland so I can spin it!