Friday, September 30, 2011

What I've Been Doing

I've been doing a ton, but not taking enough pictures. Today, I took a BUNCH, but I won't be putting them up all at once.

Over the summer, I gave up my book business. I have two part time jobs as well as the house and family to take care of. That book biz on top was getting to be just too much. (Some days it's too much still without it;)). So, our big basement full of books was emptied.

We now have room for our home office, a scrapping table for me, a reloading and brewing storage area for The Chief and I have wall of shelves. For fleece.

In the photo, you can see about half the fleece on the wall. My dirty little secret is that I still have just as much put up in my laundry/sewing/yarn storage room. And that half is in space bags so it's compacted. I know there are bigger wool/fleece stashes in the world, but I am a little embarrassed. It's all clean, and in various states of "ready-to-spin-ness".


I just finished prepping this:


Some beautiful CVM I bought and washed at least a year ago. It is so soft, you almost feel like you aren't touching anything when it's against your skin. Weird feeling, but cooooooooooool.

Anyone who wants to come over and crank a carder or wield some awesome combs will be paid in either molasses cookies or pumpkin bars plus all the coffee or tea you can drink and some home brewed beer or hard cider. Any takers????

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If It's Fall it Must be Football!

So I don't even love football, but my son does. That means I spend a chunk of time in the fall at games (and washing stankass football clothes). Plus this year, my stepdaughter is on Sideline Cheer so I am going to even more games! (different grade)

I even yelled a few times tonight. I never yell, but it's ok because we won!

Anywho back to the cockamamie schemes.

I mentioned my husband built me an electric spinner. I spun a whole sweater's worth of Shetland in SIX DAY. that's about 4,000 yds of tiny singles, plus 2k yards of plying. During a really busy week. Where I worked more hours than normal.

Pictures of the yarn later.

Anywho, Deb commented and I got two messages on Ravelry asking for pictures. Instead, I decided to make a video. i think that would actually be faster than me trying to explain and label the picture.

Monday, September 5, 2011


So the past couple weeks have been crazy.

The topper is that my husband has finally brought one of my schemes to life and built me an electric spinner. Now the reason I even wanted one is because I don't have a lace flyer for my wheel and this way I can spin R.E.A.L.L.Y.F.A.S.T. (PUHLUS, it was all for a total of $25.) (Sorry, if you read my Rav post. i said $15, but in true John fashion, he reminded me of the $10.00 bag of hardware he bought. I feel like that doesn't count because money he paid is like free, but he disagrees)

Like a full bobbin of singles (for two ply sock yarn so pretty thin) in 65 minutes.

I'll be back with a lot of knitting and some spinning on the new wheel. Apparently i jumped the gun starting to blog without getting in the swing of doing it more like daily (or even weekly for the love of God).

School starts tomorrow which means I am already breathing a sigh of relief that we've finished getting ready and going through the first weeks of football practice. Someone made first string offensive guard (not me) and even though I would rather he do something safer like chess or something, this is really what he loves so I'm on it.

Hey! Remember when i dyed my hair red and John told me I looked like the bastard child of Bozo and Ronald McDonald? I did.


but then, it was mostly ok because he took a leftover burger, split it and stuffed it and cooked it for me again and it was amazing?


I remember that too. Life really is a trade off isn't it?

School starts tomorrow. I just needed to say it again so i could really start to believe it because I think this summer fell in a wormhole or something.