Monday, November 14, 2011

Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY!!!

Ah yes, the opening of firearm season here in Michigan. I married a deer hunter (not like the one in the movie). He grew up hunting with his uncles, Dad and brothers and it really is a part of him. I know when he goes, he feels like he's connected to all those people and happy years at deer camp. And now, he's passing it along and taking my son and my third bonus son. Do I think it's barbaric to shoot and eat an animal? I guess kinda, but then again. I'm not all that sure that it's more barbaric than what we do to domestic animals that we eat. Am I gonna give you all the ecological arguments which actually have a lot of validity in our area of the country? Nope. BUT, would I kill an animal if it was really necessary to feed my family? Hell yea! Anywho, this was all a convoluted prologue to TRIGGER MITTENS CIMG2340 Now these are designed so you don't have to remove your mittens to shoot a deer, but you mostly still get the warmth of a mitten. (You know, like where your fingers can all huddle together and share body heat in a non-Broke Back Mountain style). They are made from handspun jacob lamb yarn and he says they're perfect. That's what counts.


  1. Love them! I'll be grocery shopping from my tree this weekend.

  2. I'm married to a deer hunter, too, so I get your thoughts about this. He's out there today for the last day of shotgun season here in MA and I know he really hopes he gets one. Me, I just want to take pictures of them but I'll happily cook any meal he provides. By the way, Cookie sent me.