Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beech down!

When you live in "the woods" or what used to be woods before the 60's. Our neighborhood is full of Oak and beech (mostly) trees that are 100+ feet tall. that means when a storm comes, they self-prune (which means they actually drop so many huge branches that our insurance companies hold their breath.

One of our beech trees dropped a bigggggggggggg branch, but there was no damage.


And yes, that is my mini-van. What of it?


I haven't had much time to be creative this week. A new Feather Duster has been knitted but not blocked. Hopefully soon on that.

I know i say this every year, but when does school start again? Our "still at home" kids are 17, 14, and 13. having three full size apes sitting around the house and hoovering out the refrigerator for 12 weeks seems long. But, still the best summer I can remember.

1 comment:

  1. Holy Crap!

    Thank goodness no one was hurt.

    I was asking that before school got out here. Then again, I hate people. *L*