Friday, August 5, 2011

No tears today

At all. In fact, I have a photo of the sock yarn blankie to share. This is totally made up of sock yarn leftovers. Some of them have been gifted to me, and som were sent to me by the lovely and fabulous Cookie. If you don't read her blog, why the hell not . .

Which reminds me, why the heck didn't anyone tell me how AWESOME Sons of Anarchy is? Wow, it's so well written, and kind bullshit, but still SO enthralling.

But back to the sock yarn blanket. Basically, every once in awhile, I just knit a few rows of squares onto this blanket. And I did promise to go ahead and post a photo once in awhile.


it's the width of our King sized bed, and I hpoe to make it the length eventually. It's perfect football game knitting (and believe it or not, practice starts in less than a month!

I'm down to 26 rows on the Feather Duster (which I made WAY bigger than the pattern). Come back and see it!


  1. There you are!

    I hope each day gets better and better for you, sweetie. I totally understand the tears and hope you have time to enjoy each and every tear-free day.

    The blankie looks great!


  2. That blanket looks like lots of fun to knit up! Keep posting and hang in there.

  3. I've missed you since you left the podcasts, I'm glad you are back. Hang in there!

    What pattern did you use on the sock blanket? It is really creative and what a great way to use up sock leftovers.

    Thanks, Holly