Friday, September 30, 2011

What I've Been Doing

I've been doing a ton, but not taking enough pictures. Today, I took a BUNCH, but I won't be putting them up all at once.

Over the summer, I gave up my book business. I have two part time jobs as well as the house and family to take care of. That book biz on top was getting to be just too much. (Some days it's too much still without it;)). So, our big basement full of books was emptied.

We now have room for our home office, a scrapping table for me, a reloading and brewing storage area for The Chief and I have wall of shelves. For fleece.

In the photo, you can see about half the fleece on the wall. My dirty little secret is that I still have just as much put up in my laundry/sewing/yarn storage room. And that half is in space bags so it's compacted. I know there are bigger wool/fleece stashes in the world, but I am a little embarrassed. It's all clean, and in various states of "ready-to-spin-ness".


I just finished prepping this:


Some beautiful CVM I bought and washed at least a year ago. It is so soft, you almost feel like you aren't touching anything when it's against your skin. Weird feeling, but cooooooooooool.

Anyone who wants to come over and crank a carder or wield some awesome combs will be paid in either molasses cookies or pumpkin bars plus all the coffee or tea you can drink and some home brewed beer or hard cider. Any takers????

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  1. I wish!

    I think it's wonderful that you do your own processing and shit. You're my hero!