Friday, December 2, 2011

I've Always Thought Cookie Was Magic

Because I have a second interview Monday morning!  And, apparently they are down to two candidates.

One interesting thing that happens to me is that every time I think I'm going to get a job offer, the job I have starts going swimmingly.  Until I have an option, it sucks.  It's a little bit like the haircut appointment phenomenon.  You know the one:  you schedule a haircut and day of the appointment, you wake up and your hair is perfect.  Then comes the big question, cancel?  Or keep the appointment?  And we all know what your hair looks like the next day if you decide to cancel.

It does make it hard to make decisions though.

Hey guess what I did yesterday!
I went to visit a sheeplady.  I bought three BEAUTIFUL (but small to those who think my stash is way too large) fleeces.  In fact one is already washed.  She had lots more.

And, when I was driving to work yesterday, this is what I saw.


It's tough to be pissed off about driving to work when you get to do it under that.  But I managed.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not magic, love. I just weave it from time to time. Fingers still crossed!

    What kind of fleeces? What color? Plans?

    Gorgeous sky photo!