Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ollie's Skater Sweater

So, I'm supposed to find out about the job today.  We'll see.  I had a second interview yesterday.

And I was going to show this baby sweater I made.  I have been crap at photographing finished projects lately.  I've actually been cranking out lots of fun stuff, but not taking pictures.

John's great-niece had a baby about two weeks before Thanksgiving.  He is absolutely darling and his name is Oliver (which i love).  Anyway, she is young (17) and the baby daddy is a skater, so I thought the typical baby sweater I would make might be too cutesy.  Instead, I grabbed some schematics and designed him this little guy.

I had to put the buttons on in the car and weave in ends. I had blocked the evening before and it was barely even dry. Didn't it turn out cute? They actually loved it and the Zach (baby daddy) thanked me like three times. Kinda makes you think they might be ok even if Ollie wasn't planned.


Been dying and washing around here. Maybe I'll take pics soon (but don't hold your breath or anything).


  1. So freakin' cute!

    Fingers still crossed, btw.

  2. Cute sweater and perfect for a young mom. What happened with the job??