Sunday, July 31, 2011

Holy Shit

So, I've been having a hard time at my new(ish) job. It's been four months and my confidence is slowly eroding to pretty much jack (which is redneck for squattola) and on Friday, I hit a wall. I realized I had made a mistake on something that affected us all. I'm pretty sure letting everyone know in a timely manner stopped it from being any kind of real problem but guess what?

I cried.

I almost never cry (unless it's hormonal) and my mom hasn't seen me cry IN YEARS and she was over for waffles. Anyway so i really had a pretty good breakdown and my husband happened to be hollering questions at me as he walked up the basement stairs. As i answered, he realized I was crying and ran up the last few. Then he walked in the living room where I was crying in front of my mom (and she was frankly looking frantic which is weird because she's a mental health professional. I mean hell, she has seen some serious emotions)

He looked at me with a very similar frantic look on his face, then at her, then at me. Then he put his hands on his hips, narrowed his eyes and semi bellowed at MY MOM, "What did you DO?????" hahahahaha. Omg so funny it took the sting out of my tears.

But seriously, I used to think I was so awesome at my job(s) and this is making me feel like such a loser. What do you do? Hang in, work harder and cross your fingers?

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